The clone of Samsung galaxy S5-No.1 S7T keeps pace with the flagship product, Real Finger Scanner,MTK6592 and Andriod 4.4

According to the latest news about no.1 phone, no.1phone launched the advanced clone of Samsung galaxy S5-No.1 S7T.Compared with the former S7 versions,No.1 S7T performs better .Not only does it own the excellent specs,but the some advanced technology was added to the smartphone such as Real Finger Scanner.


It is surprise that No.1 S7T is featured with MTK6592 octa core processor  and the OS adopts  the latest Andriod 4.4Kitkat.Besides,No.1 S7T provides 5.1 inch 1280*720 capacitive touch screen with OGS full lamination.

Meanwhile,it equipped with 5.0MP front and 13.0MP back camer and including1G RAM +8G ROM ,2800mha battery.More importantly,it supports Finger Scanner and only costs $179.99.Judging from the above informations,No.1 S7T could be regarded as the best clone of galaxy s5 and a cost-effective product.

Doogee kissme DG580 only costs $109.99, 5.5inch MTK6582 Quad core,android4.4

Doogee is a new and potential brand,which is famous for high quality and fashion design.Since Doogee DG550 has achieved the great success,Doogee has continously released Doogee kissme DG580 and  it designed for the mid-end market.Meanwhile, the price is also impressive and only costs $109.99.

Doogee kissme DG580 1

kissme DG580 runs 1.3GHz MTK6582 quad core processor along with 1G RAM +8G ROM.Meanwhile, kissme DG580 adopts 5.5 inch 940*540 resolution capacitive screen with OGS full lamination.Besides,the OS is Android 4.4.2 and the capacity of battery is 2500mha.In addition,it is featured with 5.0MP front camera with 88° wide angle and  8.0MP back camera with dual flashlights.

Doogee kissme DG580 2Doogee kissme DG580 3

It is sure that kissme DG580 owns the simple and fashion design.The back cover adopts the  Plastic Material and the delicate texture has a good touching feeling. Moreover,it provides some featured function ,which including WIFI, GPS,tethering & portable hotspot,OTG, Wake Gesture and  HOTKNOT.

$94.99 only, 5 inch Goophone X1+ is the cheapest triple SIM phone

Last July, Goophone X1+,a triple SIM phone ,was officially launched by China maker goophone ,this price for this unlocked android phone was dropped to $94.99 only.


Similar to LG Optimus L4II ,Goophone X1+ supports triple SIM triple standby ,but it just support  2G band of GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz.

As such a cheap android phone ,we don’t expect the configuration is so high,the Goophone X1+ is powered by the entry level mtk6572 dual core processor,coupled with a common memory of 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM,runs at android 4.1 also featuring a 5 inch HD screen with 480*854 pixels. What ‘s more ,the camera also is also general,they are 2.0MP front camera and 5.0MP back camera .

If you want to buy a cheap entry level phone,this Goophone X1+ trip SIM phone is a good choice.

While Doogee Titans DG150, a dual core waterpoorf cell phone,was also very useful and practical phone for optional.

Umi C1 Review: “2014 Quad-core Killer” Android 4.4 Kitkat 3G Smartphone with 5.5 inch HD Screen/Baby Soft Back Cover Design

In the beginning of 2014, Umi phone had announced its’ latest flagship smartphone–Umi X3, which had aroused most people’s purchasing desire, for it owns the excellent design and top specs. However, after that, Umi phone was silent for some time. Not long ago, Umi also brought a new product–Umi C1, which be called “2014 Quad-core Killer”, and it’s also the leading role of this testing. Now, let us have a view of Umi C1 phone:

Umi C1 Review–Unboxing


1 x Umi C1 phone

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger

Umi C1 Review–Appearance


This time, our sponsor Vifocal has offered a Umi C1 white version to us, and the phone looks quite beautiful. In the front of the phone is a 5.5 inch large screen, and above the screen, there has the front camera and the caller speaker. Meanwhile, below the screen are three touch buttons—Home/Menu/Back, and it only be visble while being lit up.

Umi_C1_019 Umi_C1_020

Umi_C1_033 Umi_C1_024

When looking sides of the phone, we do find a Volume button on the right side, and a power key on the left side. Besides, at the top side of the phone, there also has the USB Port and the Headphone Jack.

Umi_C1_030 Umi_C1_029

Umi_C1_031 Umi_C1_032

After turning the phone around, we do notice that Umi C1 had adopted the baby soft back cover design, which boasting a soft “ baby skin” feel and fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating. In the rear of the phone, we also find the rear camera and the flashlight. Besides, there has the “ Umi” Logo on the back cover.

Umi_C1_021 Umi_C1_027

In addition, while removing the back cover of Umi C1 phone, we could see a blue battery, which could be changed. Then, above the battery, there are three card slots—two SIM card slots/one TF card slot, which means Umi C1 could support dual card dual standby. Certainly, below the battery, we also find the media speaker.

Umi C1 Review—Display


Like Umi X3 phone, Umi C1 still providing a 5.5 inch IPS screen, however, its’ screen resolution is lower than X3, Umi C1 only owns 1280*720 pixels HD. Certainly, the display quality is also good, and the touch panel runs well without the pressure.

Umi_C1_025 Umi_C1_04

Umi_C1_02 Umi_C1_08

Umi_C1_07 Umi_C1_010

Umi C1 Review—Performance

Umi_C1_01 Umi_C1_09

Compared with Umi X3, the specs of Umi C1 isn’t good. Umi C1 runs 1.3GHz MTK6582 Quad-core processor along with 1G RAM/16G ROM, which could extended to 32GB. During our testing, we also made an Antutu Score Benchmark for Umi C1 phone, and it had reached 17252 points, so, Umi C1 could meet our daily use.

Umi_C1_036 Umi_C1_011

Umi_C1_013 Umi_C1_017

Umi_C1_015 Umi_C1_016

Umi C1 Review—Features/Battery/Camera


  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat

Like most other new smartphones, Umi C1 also adopts the Android Operation System, and it runs Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, which owns more features.


  1. GPS Function Testing

During the testing, we had tested the GPS function of Umi C1 phone, through the GPS Testing Plus app, we could searched 13 satellites in few seconds, and 4 satellites could be used.

Umi_C1_012 Umi_C1_014

  1. Battery

This time, Umi C1 phone had offered a 2430mAh battery, owing to the Low-power processor and 720P screen, Umi C1 could support about 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, if you worry about the battery capacity of Umi C1, you could consider to buy a backup battery.

Umi_C1_023 Umi_C1_028

  1. Camera Function

In addition, the camera function of Umi C1 is also good, it has equipped with 3.2MP front+13.0MP rear dual camera with flashlight and auto focus. Meanwhile, it supports panorama、face beauty、smile shot and other modes. During our testing, we had taken some photos by Umi C1 phone, and the photos look good.

Umi_C1_034 Umi_C1_035

Umi_C1_037 Umi_C1_038


As the lastest Umi smartphone, Umi C1 had been called “ 2014 Quad-core Killer”, it owns the mainstream Quad-core specs and good design, more importantly, it’s the first Umi phone which adopts Android 4.4 Kitkat. Certainly, Umi C1 also had some shortcomings, such as its’ battery capacity is a bit lower, and it couldn’t support 4G LTE network, besides, it has no NFC function. Now, Umi C1 phone will cost $148.99 usd on Aliexpress, and only $139.99 usd on Vifocal.

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Umi C1 test from Etkchina

Screaming! HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet only costs $359.99,4G LTE , 7.0 Inch screen

With the developement of technology, Phablet may change our views  of samrtphone and Tablet.Certainly,owning to the practial functions ,Phablet is more and more popular.It is sure that  HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet could be ragarded as the hot sale  product among the phablet products.

HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet 4

HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet is equipped wit1.6Ghz Hisilicon Kirin 910 Quad core along with 2GRAM +16GROM.Besides,it provides  5PM the front camera and 13PM the rear camera as well as 1080P video recording, F2.2 lens.

HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet 5

Meanwhile,HUAWEI Honor X1 Phablet adopts 7inch 1920*1200 capacitive touch screen and its OS is the latest Android 4.2.2.Besides,the capacity of battery is 5000Mha.More importantly,Honor X1 Phablet can support 4G technology.Besides,it is featured with some especial functions such as Double silicone noise reduction microphone, Electronic compass and Gyroscope.

Honor X1 Phablet  1Honor X1 Phablet  3

you can buy it

3000mAh huge battery,A8 SMARTPHONE comes with IP68 Waterproof, Dustproof ,Shockproof

A8 SMARTPHONE, the hot selling outdoor smartphone ,which is designed for the outdoor enthusiasts ,now it price is very low , $169.99 only.while this cheap rugged phone has a IP68 rating,it means that it has the ability to waterproof ,dustproof and shockproof.

A8 Smartphone2

From the aspects of appearance, A8 SMARTPHONE continue the design style of waterproof cell phones, it uses  the yellow and black two colors. The rugged phone is also powered by a 1.2GHz MTK6572 Dual Core processor,( MTK6572 chipset is better than MTK6577),coupled with a common memory of 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM,the operate system is android 4.2,and the 4.0 inch IPS Gorilla glass screen is very suitable for the one hand operation.

A8 Smartphone4

In addition,A8 SMARTPHONE also comes with a large capacity of 3000mAh battery to ensure its long standby,not only that ,the only 2 hrs charging time is very fast .

A8 Smartphone1

Highlights as follows;

1  3000mAh Large Capactive Long Standby

2  Dual Sim Dual Standby

3 IP 68 (submersible up to 1 meter under water 30 Minutes) Waterproof,Dustproof and Shockproof

4 GPS : (Built-in GPS Navigation) ,Built-in GPS module and support A-GPS

5  low price : $169.99

Buy more more rugged phones :


Cubot S308 Review: A 5.0 inch OGS Screen MTK6582 Quad-core 3G Smartphone with Good Design/Affordable Price

Cubot phone is a High-end Chinese smartphone brand which mainly focus on the oversea markets, in the beginning of 2014, Cubot phone had taken vein of its first Octa-core smartphone–Cubot X6, which is also the cheapest Octa-core smartphone, and it had obtained good sales. However, today, we will introduce another Cubot phone to you, the model is Cubot S308, and it also owns affordable price and good design. Now, let us watch a Cubot S308 video firstly:

Cubot S308 Review–Design


This time, our sponsor Vifocal had providing a Cubot S308 black version to us, and it looks rather tough. At the first sight, we may see a 5.0 inch screen, and above the screen is the front camera and the caller speaker. Meanwhile, below the screen, there are three touch buttons—Home/Menu/Back keys, and it only visible while being lit up.

Cubot_S308_011 Cubot_S308_05

Cubot_S308_022 Cubot_S308_023

While turning the sides of the phone, we could find that Cubot S308 adopts the metal bezel design, and the design is rather simple. On the left side of the phone, we do notice a power button and a Volume key. Besides, at the top side of the phone, there has an USB Port and a headphone jack.

Cubot_S308_020 Cubot_S308_015

Cubot_S308_018 Cubot_S308_021

While turning the phone around, we also notice that Cubot S308 owns the plastic shell design, at the top of the shell, there has the rear camera and the flashlight, otherwise, we still watch a “Cubot” logo on the back cover of the phone.

Cubot_S308_024 Cubot_S308_027

Then, after removing the shell, we could see a large black battery, and above the battery, there are three card slots, which means Cubot S308 supports dual card dual standby. In addition, below the battery, there also has a media speaker. Overall, the appearance design of Cubot S308 looks quite good.

Cubot S308 Review—Display


Cubot S308 phone has providing a 5.0 inch IPS screen, and the size looks rather good, you could hold it with one hand. Meanwhile, the resolution of Cubot S308 is 1280*720 pixel HD, so, the screen looks very clear, and the touch panel also runs well. Certainly, the screen of Cubot S308 is also adopt OGS techology.

Cubot_S308_019 Cubot_S308_010

Cubot_S308_026 Cubot_S308_013

Cubot S308 Review—Performance


This time, Cubot S308 phone still adopts the MTK program, it runs 1.3GHz MTK6582 Quad-core processor, and it includes 2G RAM/16G ROM, which could extended into 32GB. As usual, we also made an antutu score benchmark testing for S308, and it had reached 16998 ponts, which better than Redmi phone, and it could fluently support most mobile games.

Cubot_S308_016 Cubot_S308_09


Cubot_S308_04 Cubot_S308_06

Cubot S308 Review—GPS&Battery&Camera


  1. GPS Function Testing

As we all know, GPS Function plays an important role in our daily life nowdays. In order to know the performance of Cubot S308 phone, we had tested its’ GPS function. Through the GPS Testing Plus app, we had searched 17 satellites in a few seconds, and 6 satellites could in use.

Cubot_S308_01 Cubot_S308_03

  1. Battery

This time, Cubot S308 phone offers a 2000mAh battery, which may let many users down. However, owing to the lower-power consumption processor and 5 inch screen, Cubot S308 could suppport 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, if you like watch video or play games, you could buy one or more backup batteries.


  1. Camera Function

In addition, the camera function of Cubot S308 phone is also good. Cubot S308 has equipped with 5.0MP front/13.0MP rear dual camera with flashlight and auto focus, meanwhile, it supports HDR、Voice shot、Face detection and other capature modes. During the testing, we also take some photos by Cubot S308 phone, and the photo quality looks good.

Cubot_S308_029  Cubot_S308_028

Camera with flashlight open:

Cubot_S308_032 Cubot_S308_030


In my opinion, Cubot S308 could considered as a good Quad-core 3G smartphone, certainly , it couldn’t support LTE network/NFC function, and don’t runs the lastest Android 4.4 Kitkat os, then, S308 doesn’t adopt MTK Octa-core processor. However, Cubot S308 owns a good appearance design, and its’ screen quality is rather clear, third, the camera function also very good. Besides, during our testing, the Cubot S308 phone runs very well. Now, it will cost $173.69 usd on Aliexpress, but just only $139.99 usd on Vifocal.

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Edit by Etkchina of Cubot S308

The Latest ZTE new smartphone—ZTE V5 U9180 only cost $159.99 usd

Recently,ZTE launches the new smartphone ZTE  V5 U9180,which could be regarded as the hot sale product.Not only does it own fashion appearance design ,but it also provides excellent specs.Meanwhile,according to the AnTuTu performance, ZTE  V5 U9180 gets the  good grade.Now we know the smartphone from some detail informations.

ZTE  V5 U9180 is featured with1.2GHz  Qualcomm MSM8926 Quad Core processor along with 2GRAM +8G ROM.In addition,ZTE  V5 U9180 owns 5.0 inch 1280*720 resolution capacitive screen.As for the battery,the capacity of battery is 2400mha.Meanwhile,ZTE  V5 U9180 is equipped  with  5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus.The cameras can support  panorama, multi angle view, face beauty, smile shot, HDR.

ZTE V5 U9180 1ZTE V5 U9180 2

Next,ZTE V5 U9180 inherits the design style of ZTE members ,which is famous for the combination of simple design and practical functions.The size is 139 x 71 x 8.9mm.In a word ,we take many factors into consideration,ZTE V5 U9180 is a better choice .you can own it by touching here

ZTE V5 U9180 3

IP67, Walkie-talkie MTK6582, 3G rugged phone -Tengda 02 only costs $179.99

Tengda  has been released various of rugged phones,owning to hign quality,Tengda obtains a good sale.For example,Tengda 02 can belong to the representive rugged smartphone.

tenda 02. 1
Tengda 02 runs MTK6582 quad core processor  along with 1G RAM +4G ROM and adopts Andriod 4.42 OS.Meanwhile it is featured with 3.5 inch  IPS, capacitive touch screen.To some degree,the size of screen  is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.Futhermore,it provides 1.3MP back camera with flashlight and 5.0MP front camera.The battery is 4000mha and it can support  more than 3 days standby .

tenda 02 2tenda 02 4

As for appearance,Tengda 02 inherits the style of  rugged smartphone.The appearance   gives us  a feeling of solidity.Meanwhile,Tengda 02 owns IP67 ,Dual SIM Card Dual Standby and  Walkie-talkie.In a word ,Tengda 02 will make you rediscover  the rugged smartphone .

tenda 02 3