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Win Free No.1 X1 X-MEN Phone For Your Beloved On Valentines’ Day

Valentines’ Day is coming soon, are you still worry about the Valentines’Day gift for your beloved. Vifocal.com is very glad to give away 1Pcs No.1 X1 X-MEN phone 、5Pcs Original Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank and 10% OFF Coupon Code to 16 different Vifocal fans. Now, you will have a chance to win a free Valentines’ Day gift for your beloved.


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Promotion Acitivity! 【Refund&Coupon】Cash Back for Sharing Photos or Videos

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cash back
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Huawei will unveil its code-named RIO-AL00 Huawei G8,will cost $326

Huawei has just unveiled its new Mate lineup phone,namely Huawei Mate 8.Today,code-named RIO-AL00 Huawei phone appeared on the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology website,it is likely to be Huawei ‘s the next new phone,Huawei G8.

Huawei G8 1Huawei G8 2

We learned that the new Huawei G8 phone supports worldwide network including 2G/3G/4G LTE,and it will be powered by A Qualcomm 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor based on ARMv8 architecture,together with a nice memory combination of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM,what’s more,the G8 phone will be priced at 1999 YUAN,about $326 USD.

Huawei G8 4 Huawei G8 3
From its outlook to view,Huawei G8 is able to carry a practical fingerprint scanner on the back,additionally,it is more likely to use a high-ended 13MP main camera that supports double color temperature flashlight.

Huawei G8 5

The above information is unofficial speculation, so far,Huawei has not released any official news about this new phone,We will follow-up reports,please stay tuned!

Buy Huawei phone globally through vifocal.com,if interested.

ZTE AXON Pro is dual camera setup with 5.5 inch 2K screen,4GB RAM, Qualcomm snapdragon 810 CPU, AKM4961 Hi-Fi chip

After a series of high-profile publicity, on July 14,2015, ZTE AXON Phone finally was officially released in the United States,it named as the ZTE AXON Pro. As ZTE ‘s high-end product, all aspects of ZTE AXON Pro is very powerful.


Chief executive of ZTE’s U.S ,Lixin Cheng said, ZTE AXON Pro high end flagship phone is design for American.From its appearance,ZTE AXON Pro has a round outlook,at the upper and lower part of the body ,there is the eye-catching hollowed-out speaker,on the back,it adopts all metal back cover,which has Blue,Silver and Golden three color for options.


We have to say that ZTE AXON Pro is so powerful for its configuration.It is equipped with 5.5 inch 2K screen that is protected by Corning Gorilla 3.Be powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 processor,supper large 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM on board,the phone can run very stable and smooth in multitasking,which also runs on the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.One of the most wonderful parts of the phone is the dual camera setup,the main camera is made from 13MP camera and 2MP shooter,while on the front,the AXON Pro features a 8MP shooter on the front.


Additionally, ZTE AXON Pro is mainly focus on amazing Hi-Fi effect,namely is AKM4961 Hi-Fi chip,along with JBL E13 Wire headphones.The phone also comes with 3000mAh,with the support of the awesome Quick-charge 2.0 technology.


The dimension size of AXON Pro are 154*75*9.3mm,and it weighs 175g only, ZTE AXON Pro sells at $449.98 now,it is worth buying phone for its high specs and excellent design.Are you interested?

Buy ZTE phones :http://vifocal.com/mobile-phones/brand-phones-2/zte.html

How to distinguish the original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector from the fake one

Jiayu S3 was the hottest smartphone at the end of last year. The phone is equipped with advanced craftsmanship, has basically all the gadgets and apps you need. More importantly, it is competitively priced. And many users have bought this device. Jiayu S3 is so awesome that I believe most of the users considered the protection of the phone. The screen of a smartphone in the most vulnerable part, it may cost a lot to replace the damaged one. So the screen protection becomes extremely important. Most of us would choose tempered glass screen protector to protect the screen. But what exactly tempered glass is and does it really help?

original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass is made by heating the glass and then cooling it very quickly. This type of glass creates more rounded edges and it is a multi-layered screen protector for smartphone. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger and more heat resistant than regular glass. So the screen of your phone is not likely to be damaged by heat. Moreover, it is also more scratch resistant. Generally speaking, tempered glass screen protectors offer stronger and more solid protection to your phone than normal glass. But are all the screen protectors on the market genuine? No way! Below, we will show you the difference between genuine Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector and the fake one. So you can identify.

1. Longer cut for earpiece

In the picture below, there are 2 tempered glass screen protector. The left one is the genuine Jiayu S3 screen protector and the right one is the fake one. Do you find the difference? Right, the cut for the earpiece of the left one is longer than the right one. It means that the fake one has shorter cut for the phone’s earpiece and the genuine one is longer. So if you see the one with shorter cut, it is definitely not the original.

original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector

2. Thinner

The genuine tempered glass screen protector is actually pretty thin and exquisite. You can touch to feel it. If the one you touch is thicker and rough, it is the fake one. The true tempered glass is thin and made of excellent craftsmanship.

original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector

3. More durable

As we mentioned above that tempered glass is made by heating the glass and then cooling it very quickly. It is usually up to five times stronger and more heat resistant, more solid than regular glass. So the real tempered glass screen protector should be more durable to offer perfect protection to the phone, meaning it is not that easy to be damaged. If the one you use breaks easily, then it is the fake one.

4. More capacitive

Although tempered glass is used to protect the screen, it still needs to be capacitive for users to operate the phone. The original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector is capacitive enough, it makes operation on the glass very smooth. And there is barely no misoperation. If you find the tempered glass on your phone is not smooth to operate and you need to swipe it very hard to operate, then it maybe the fake. Because the genuine ones are more capacitive and easy to use.

original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector

5. Accessories

The last we can check is the accessories inside the packaging. The wipes set inside the packaging of original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector is different from the fake one. The picture above is the original packaging and the picture below is the fake one. We can see that the original packaging has 1 wipes set only, but the fake one has 2 wipes set(one wet and one dry).

original Jiayu S3 tempered glass screen protector

Now you know how to identify the original Jiayu S3 tempered screen protector. Tempered screen protector costs more than the regular one. If you bought a fake one, it would not only waste your money but also cause you trouble. Because it does not really work properly. Use the methods to choose the original tempered glass screen protector for Jiayu S3 smartphone!

Source: etkchina.com

Umi Zero 2 exposure:China’s first dual-screen phone with a nice metal frame

YotaPhone is the first dual-screen mobile phone in the world,as we all know.Now a new dual-creen smartphone is upcoming soon from a promising Chinese phone maker,Umi.We learned that the new device named as Umi Zero 2.From the renderings to view, the front panel is common display,but on the back,Umi Zero 2 uses an e-ink display,just like YotaPhone.

UMi Zero 2 1

So far,YotaPhone 2 has been public officially ,which uses a 5 inch main display + 4.7 inch 963*540 e-ink screen.By using its e-ink screen,users can check the notification message, SMS and other common functions, so it can greatly reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone and bring a good battery life.

UMi Zero 2 2

Umi Zero 2 not only has an e-ink display,but also provides a back camera and LED flash on the back.Besides,it also has a high quality of metal frame.

Currently,the full specs of Umi Zero 2 is unknown,we expect that Umi Zero 2’s more information will be announced by Umi company in the near future.If you are looking a budget UMI phone,please click vifocal.com to learn more.


Oneplus two will use Finger print scanner,3GB RAM and Android 5.1 OS,according to GeekBench site

Oneplus one has shortlisted 10 popular mobile phones in the world several days ago,according to report.Last week,we learned that the Oneplus Two phone will be officially public on July 28, 2015.Today some Chinese tech sites leaked the spy photos of the Oneplus Two phone.Now. Let’s look at the Oneplus Two phone.

oneplus two 1

From the whole body to view,Oneplus Two inherit  the appearance of Oneplus One,looks very eye-catching.It has a very perfect screen ratio and wearable metal frame.More surprisingly, the thickest part thickness of the phone will be controlled at 5 mm – 6 mm only.Our source say,Oneplus Two will have a 5.5 inch display and a popular bamboo back cover,below the main camera,there is a practical finger print scanner.

oneplus two 2

As for specs,Oneplus Two will be equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 v2.1,GeekBench site leaked that Oneplus Two will be along with super large 3GB RAM and run on the Android 5.1 OS.Oneplus official confirmed that Oneplus Two uses a USB Type-C port(USB Type-C is a specification for a reversible-plug connector for USB devices and USB cabling).

Oneplus two will be more than 1999 YUAN(around $328),stay tuned!

Oneplus one specs for reference.

Basic Information

Model Oneplus One on vifocal.com

Band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

3G: WCDMA 850/ 900/1900/2100MHz

4G: FDD-LTE 2100/ 1800/2600MHz

Sim Card Single Micro-SIM Card Single Standby

Service Provide Unlocked

Style Bar

Color Black

Shell Material Plastic


OS ColorOS(based on Android 4.3)

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 801(8974AC), Krait 400 Quad Core, 2.5GHz;

GPU: Adreno 330

ROM 16GB/64G

RAM 3GB LP-DDR3, 1866MHz


Display Size 5.5 Inch

Type LTPS, IPS; Corning III Gorilla Glass, ultra sensitive

Support CABC & Ram auto power saving

Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD screen


Camera/Picture Resolution Sensor: Back camera 13 Megapixel – Sony Exmor IMX 214

Lenses: 6 lenses to avoid distortion and color aberration

Flash: Dual-LED

Aperture: f/2.0

Front Camera: 5 Megapixel – Distortion free

Video: 4K resolution video with stereo recording;

Slow Motion: 720p video at 120fps

Dimensions 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm/6.02 x 2.98 x 0.35 inch

Net Weight(Including battery) 166g

Standby Time About 2~3 days


Size 290 x 190 x 50mm/11.41 x 7.48 x 1.96 inch

Weight 816g

Accessories 1 x Built-in 3100mAh Battery


Huawei Honor Note was designed by Nokia’s former designer,Qualcomm kirin 938 processor and 6.2 inch screen

It is reported,Huawei honor Note phone will be launched with a Qualcomm kirin 938 processor,6.2 inch screen and has a brushed mental body with fingerprint scanner support.We heard rumors that Huawei honor Note was designed by Nokia’s former designer after he entered Huawei company.

Huawei honor Note 1

A microblog users claimed that Huawei will held a conference on June 24th.Huawei company will launch two phones,a flagship phone Huawei honor 7 and 6.2 inch large screen Huawei honor Note. Huawei honor 7 will have two versions,respectively.The standard version has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM,it will be on sale for only 1999 YUAN on July.While the high-ended version providing a Qualcomm Kirin 940 processor along with 4GB RAM +128GB ROM processor,which will be available on sale for only 2499 YUAN.

Huawei honor Note 2

Additionally, Huawei honor 7 will equip 5 inch 1080p screen,and it uses a mental body and fingerprint scanner.We are so impressive that a 21MP front camera is used in the Huawei honor 7 phone.

Stay tuned for more information or buy cheap Huawei phone;http://vifocal.com/mobile-phones/brand-phones-2/huawei.html,if interested.


Meizu m1 note 2 will be announced on June 2,price and specs exposure

The Meizu m1 note 2 ,which has been finally confirmed to be launch on June 2 from the Meizu official.From the leaked spy photos of Meizu m1 note 2 phone(below),we can see that the Meizu m1 note 2 phone uses the all new design with an oval home key,and it seems to use a solid metal frame as well.

Meizu m1 note 2 1

From the leaked spy photos to view,the upcoming note 2 phone adopts more round corners along with a metal frame design,contrary to the previous leaked photos.What the most attractive part is its “oval” home key at the bottom of the screen,the home key will bring an excellent interactive experience,which deserves the great feature of the note 2 phone.But ,Meizu official clearly say the finger scanner sensor will not be used in the note 2 phone any more.

 Meizu m1 note 2 2

Specs-wise,Meizu m1 note 2 will be upgraded in its processor compared with the previous Meizu m1 Note phone on vifocal.com,our source says.The device is likely to be powered by a MT6753 octa core processor instead of MediaTek’s MT6752,it also runs on the world’s the most popular Android 5.1 OS with dual 4G LTE support.Additionally,it offers 2GB RAM and two ROM versions (16GB/32GB) for optional.On the front,it carries a 5.5 inch 1080p touch screen and 5MP selfie timer ,while on the back,it still providing a 13MP main camera for taking high clear photos.

Meizu m1 note 2 3

Finally,the price for Meizu m1 note 2 is only 999 YUAN(about $165),the phone will be officially announced on June 2.Stay tuned!

Mid-range OUKITEL U8 unveiled with MT6735 4G LTE ,Press Fingerprint ,Android 5.1 Lollipop OS

OUKITEL ,a new promising phone brand from China that aims at offering low price phone but high specs of smartphones.We learned that OUKITEL has launched its original series product with the incredible low price,some times ago. Following with the new trend of 4G LTE , OUKITEL has finally launched its first 64bit LTE mobile phone- OUKITEL U8 ,as a MTK6735 powered phone,the impressive OUKITEL U8 phone is naturally  target at Mid-range market .

OUKITEL U8 also called as “Universe Tap”,it offers a 5.5 inch HD 2.5D display that easier to one hand operation for most men or women.The most attractive part is its outlook design, the U8 phone looks very unique with a CNN craft ,and its frameless design is also very nice and delicate.

Insider,the U8 phone uses a 1.3GHz MT6735 quad core processor to provide a high processing to ensure its running smooth and stable.The phone also has 2GB RAM and the less impressive 16GB internal storage,but it can be expandable via a 64GB TF card.Unlike the most Chinese phones which runs on the Android 4.4 kitkat or Android OS, U8 phone is so trendy with the running of the latest Android 5.1 OS directly.

So far,this Finger scanner function has not been applied in most MT6735 powered phones.OUKITEL U8 is of course special one.Aside from its Android 5.1 OS and high specs of hardware,a excellent Press Fingerprint function also be used on the OUKITEL U8 phone,with the use of Fingerprint scanner ID, it is more convenience and safe to unlock the U8 phone without a passport .

The camera function of OUKITEL U8 is as wonderful as most Chinese mainstream phones.We saw that a 5MP front camera joined by a 13MP main camera on the back,to help you to take care of capturing more memories in your daily life.

Currently,this Mid-range OUKITEL U8 phone is priced at only $139.99 on vifocal.com.

If interested,you can buy it right now : http://vifocal.com/oukitel-u8-smartphone-4g-lte-5-5-inch-quad-core-android-5-1-os-2gb-16gb.html

Other highlights:


2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz
4G:FDD LTE B1/B3/B7/B20

Other Feature

3G, WiFi, GPS, FM, Bluetooth, Email, Messaging,Wallpapers, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Camera,Play Store, Tethering & portable hotspot, Fingerprint Identification, etc

Dimensions 151.8×76.3×7.9mm/5.97 x 3.0 x 0.31 inch

Size –
Weight 600g
Accessories 1 x Built in 2850mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger

Elephone company launched two Android 5.1 phones: 4400mAh battery of Elephone P4000 and 4G TDD/FDD Quad core Elephone G9

In May,Elephone company launched two excellent Android phones;Elephone G9 and Elephone P4000,both of them run the current hot Android 5.1 OS,so,do you want to try a new and fast operating system?

Elephone G9 Android 5.1 OS

Elephone G9 is a special one for its slightly small screen,4.5 inch all joint screen,it is very suitable for one hand operation,to create an extremely comfortable control feeling.If you like a bright-coloured back cover,Elephone G9 is a good choice for its colorful back cover(black,white,yellow,red,green,blue five colors covered).
Highlights as follows;
-Android 5.1 OS
-MTK6735M, 64bit, Quad core, 1.0Ghz
-1GB RAM+8GB ROM only
-Band 2G: GSM 900/1800MHz;3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz;4G: FDD LTE 800/1800/2600MHz,TDD LTE 2300MHz(can only be used in China)
-4.5 Inch IPS display
-2.0MP front camera+8.0MP back camera
-1750mAh Battery

Elephne G9
Elephone G9 costs at incredible low price,$84.99 only,which is the same as the router’s price.
Buy Elephone G9 phone:http://vifocal.com/elephone-g9-smartphone-4g-android-5-1-osquad-core-4-5-inch.html

4400mAh battery of Elephone P4000

Compared with the Elephone G9 phone,Elephone P4000 performs more excellent strictly speaking,the P4000 phone is a large screen with a 5 inch HD screen to take large screen fan’s fancy.Thankfully,the P4000 phone carries with a 4400mAh lithium ion polymer battery. It also offers a 5V2A quick charge,so that it can charge 100% power within 2 hours,we also glad to tell you that its standby time up to 330 hours, that is of course attributed to low energy consumption.Highlights as follows;
-Android 5.1 OS
-MTK6735, 64bit, Quad core, 1.3Ghz,Mali-T720 ARM
-1GB RAM+8GB ROM only
-Band 2G: GSM 850/900/1800MHz;3G: WCDMA 900/2100MHz;4G: FDD LTE 800/1800/2600MHz;TDD LTE 2300MHz(can only be used in China)
-5 Inch 1280 x 720 pixels IPS display
-2.0MP front camera+13.0MP back camera
-4400mAh Battery

Elephone p4000
NOTE:Elephone P4000 also own five kinds of color back cover for choice.You can choose your favorite color and reflect your personality.Currently,4400mAh Elephone P4000 costs $119.99 only on vifocal.com.
4400mAh Elephone P4000 and 4.5 inch Elephone G9,which one is your favor?Run at the same Android 5.1 OS,the two phones certainly can run at stable and smooth speed in your daily usage.Everyone has their own tastes,iIf you like watch TV,listen music and surf internet,4400mAh Elephone P4000 can provide sufficient electricity.While 4.5 inch Elephone G9 phone could be more convenience for one hand operation,now you just costs an incredible $84.99 low price to buy this 4.5 inch Elephone G9,What a good deal!

Budget 64bit 4G LTE smartphone comparison: UMI Hammer vs Xiaomi Redmi 2, which one is your pick?

If you are looking for an excellent Android smartphone with 4G connectivity and you are on a budget, you may take a look at this comparison between the latest UMI Hammer and Xiaomi Redmi 2. These 2 devices are 4G capacable phones that can meet your basic needs and perfectly fit your budget.

UMI Hammer

If you can spend a lot of money on the high-end flagship smartphones, you may feel no trouble in looking for a nicer device. What money can buy are mostly in good-quality. But today, more and more smartphones are with relatively lower price and they actually offer more powerful performance than before. You may wonder if it is still necessary for us to choose a fancy device. If the phone brings what you need in your daily life like internet, messages, calls, GPS, camera and so on, the less budget is of course more attractive.

UMI Hammer vs Xiaomi Redmi 2-Design

The UMI Hammer has a 5.0 inch HD screen. And the phone adopts the dual glass design. Its screen is protected by a 9H hardness toughened glass. This device is very tough built with solid quality. As for Xiaomi Redmi 2, it has a smaller size, 4.7 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels HD resolution. The handset comes with multi-color options. The back cover is available with many popular colors. Its design is very excellent for one-handed operation.

UMI Hammer

Xiaomi Redmi 2

UMI Hammer vs Xiaomi Redmi 2-Performance

Both of them are 64bit 4G LTE smartphones with quad core processor. But their hardware equipments are very different. UMI Hammer is equipped with 1.5GHz MT6732 quad core prcessor which offers 4G LTE support and improves graphic performance. The phone brings 2GB RAM+16GB ROM internal memory, a boost in processing speed and multi-tasking. The operating system is Android 4.4 and will support Android 5.0 update soon. Xiaomi Redmi 2 uses a quad core chipset from Qualcomm, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64bit quad core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, along with 1GB RAM+8GB ROM. Xiaomi Redmi2 runs MIUI 6 based on Android 4.4 OS. Both devices provide powerful performance.

UMI Hammer

UMI Hammer

UMI Hammer vs Xiaomi Redmi 2-Camera & Battery

Decent cameras are very important factors to a smartphone’s user experience. Luckily, UMI Hammer and Xiaomi Redmi 2 have nice shooters. The dual cameras of UMI Hammer are 3.2MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera to take nice shots even under low light condition. While Xiaomi Redmi 2 has a 2.0MP front camera with smart face beauty and 8.0MP BSI rear camera with Omnivision Sensor, 5P lens, F2.2, 28mm wide angle. Seems Xiaomi Redmi 2’s camera brings more fun. UMI Hammer has a 2250mAh battery and Xiaomi Redmi 2 has a 2200mAh battery. Both of them will support a full day’s battery life.

UMI Hammer

Xiaomi Redmi 2

UMI Hammer vs Xiaomi Redmi 2-Conclusion

UMI Hammer is priced at 129.99 and Xiaomi Redmi 2 is selling at $139.99. Both of them are with affordable price tag. As you can see from the specification, they are the same kind of smartphones. But they feature different design and come with every different highlights. And one thing for sure is that they are affordable and excellent.